Portion Serving Guide

Please refer to the diagram on the for a guide to portions.


Our standard wedding cakes are 6 inches deep and our servings are   based on finger portions (1 x 1 x 6 inches) .

If you wish to serve the   wedding cake as a dessert we therefore recommend a larger portion size (1 x 2 x 6 inches).

You may wish to consider dummy layers to give your cake more visual impact without the additional cake. Dummy layers are approximately half the cost of a cake layer. 


Price Guide

The price of your cake will vary hugely on the size and intricacy of your design. The table below will give you idea of our prices.Dummy layers are priced at half of the quoted price below and are not available for semi-naked cakes. Prices do not include the cost of fresh flowers which are usually sourced from your florist. We will be happy to liaise with them directly. 

Price guide.jpg